Kat Wellum-Kent

Founder, Fractional Finance

Kat is Founder of Fractional Finance a fractional Chief Financial Officer for start-up and scale-up tech firms.

After working with lots of different businesses over her 20+ year career in finance, Kat realised that she gets the most satisfaction (and therefore does her best work) when partnering with people who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and understand that they need support to get them there.

Her ultimate goal is to positively impact businesses through her work, always with an eye on how she can impact the wider community. She loves working with entrepreneurs who are a mix of ambition and a sense of purpose.

This was the motivation behind Fractional Finance, which she launched in 2023. Fractional Finance provides a complete finance team to businesses, on a fractional basis, giving them all the benefits that comes from having experienced finance professionals working in a business but under a model that makes sense for their size and trajectory.