Michelle Pow

Business Development Manager, School of Management

Michelle Pow is a respected and well-known member of the business eco system in Bath.

With a background in both sales and marketing, she took a career pivot from Area Sales Management to join the University of Bath in 2017 as Placements Officer and over a four year period, supported and placed over 1000 students into organisations around the world.

With a flair for developing relationships, she now heads up business development within the Alumni Relations and External Engagement team, creating partnerships between organisations and the school to support resource requirements, research and lifelong learning.

In summer 2023 Michelle was recognised by the Dean for creating outstanding partnerships.

Michelle was attracted to the School of Management due to its reputation for providing an outstanding student experience and the opportunity to work with organisations of all sizes in both the UK and around the world, but has a particular passion for regional development in the South West.